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What is PISA?

We are a group of paranormal investigators searching for answers of the unknown due to personal experiences and encounters that left us wondering.

We conduct investigations to help people (our clients) who are experiencing paranormal activity that are either frightened or threatened by it. With our investigations we use sophisticated equipment to proof fact from fiction.

What makes PISA unique?

Going in "Blind" - What makes our way of investigation unique is the fact that we do our investigation first, collect all the evidence and then meet with the client to see if our findings can match their claims.

We do not like to be influenced by the clients claims before our investigations as our goal is to find cold hard evidence and not allow ourselves to assume or expect anything.

Using our sophisticated equipment and technology we can proof or disproof a finding, we will then sit down with the client and compare our findings with their claims of activity.

We feel that the advantage of not knowing what to expect or "going in blind" gives us the opportunity to cover more ground giving us more opportunity to catch something and investigate without any prejudice.

What equipment do we use?

Our equipment is well known in the "Ghost Hunting" field. The equipment that we use does not only assist us to proof paranormal activity but also allows us to disproof paranormal activity.

Infrared Thermometer: Measures any temperature fluctuations caused by paranormal activity near by.
KII Meter & EMF Detector: This will pick up any fluctuation in the electromagnetic field in the area, letting you know if an entity is close by.
EVP Recorder: We use digital voice recorders to record voices that we as humans can not hear.
Infrared Camcorders: Night Vision Camcorders that we can set up or carry around to make sure we document all personal experiences.
Infrared DVR Cameras: These camera's we set up through out the premisses to catch any activity.
Motion Detectors: Used to detect any unexplainable movement.





Why contact PISA?

At the moment we are searching for the Top 10 Most haunted places in South Africa. If you are experiencing any type of paranormal activity or know of anyone or any place that does, please contact us.



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